• q-iconHow would you describe Smart Media/YOBSN?

    A robust, thriving social network that empowers its users by providing them with the opportunity and support they need to create new sources of wealth.

  • q-iconWho is Smart Media/YOBSN for?

    Individuals, Employees, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners & Fundraising Organizations

  • q-iconWhat makes YOBSN unique?

    The YOBSN is an extremely unique online advertising,
    branding and fundraising solution for individuals, businesses,
    organisations and non-profits wanting to:

    * Enhance online branding and awareness…
    * Provide free online training, courses and education…
    * Provide a free online loyalty program, rewarding common
    internet behavior…
    * Raise funds through the sharing of advertising revenues
    * Build brand exposure through an extremely effective
    communications system…
    * Build a business asset, providing sustainable annuity and
    passive income…

  • q-iconWhat is the YOBSN product?

    YOBSN is a revolutionary new internet platform that brings
    together all the major trends on the internet – Social media,
    online gaming/virtual goods, mobile and online
    but with a key difference:

    All Members (paid and free) are rewarded and incentivised
    for using and referring a free website, to anyone, anywhere
    in the world.