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Andrew Eaton

I am an online home based business owner living in Johannesburg at the forefront of launching a new online global platform that will have a huge impact on the social media, online marketing and digital marketing industries.
Together with a core group of experts, I help teach and assist upcoming entrepreneurs in becoming self sufficient and taking control of their financial future through the utilization of this online platform.

Our company and its values stretch far into the realm of true integrity, wealth and personal growth in all areas of life.

Our goal is to create more entrepreneurs globally and help more people become financially free through our platform.

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Geri Walker

I`m a Baby-Boomer who lives just outside of Chicago and have been in the area all my life. I like the Chicago area. After 25+ years in the corporate world, I decided it was time for a change so now I`m enjoying retirement and looking forward traveling with my husband to new places.

That decision to retire came from a deep need to never let another company or person control my financial future. I now work from home on my own terms and it’s wonderful to wake up when I’m done sleeping.

You might be like me and want to take control of your financial future so that you can have the money you need to do what you want when you want. Have you tried program after program only to find out it was not “The One”?

Maybe you decided you were going to make your fortune on the internet. Signed up with a guru after guru, only to find out you had to spend even more money to get one more piece of the puzzle. And yet, you still keep trying. You’re a seeker and a leader. Be very proud of that.

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Steve Troutman

I am a 57 year old from Utica, NY I have been a machinist most of my life and love working with my hands and being creative and building and fixing things. Even when i was a kid I would take apart my toys to see what made them work. I also have a gift of playing music and can play bass guitar, acoustic guitar, harmonica and piano. I am a Christian and love people and have a desire make a difference for the better in the lives of as many people as I can.

Now I am combining my creative talent, instinct and love for people and turning my attention to online marketing. I feel that the way the economy is going in America and around the world, people need a way and means of creating their own destiny and economy. No longer is working for someone else the way to shape and control your financial future. Out of all the business models out there Network Marketing is the best for the person starting out. It's low cost of entry and potential high earning potentail makes it the business of choice for today's budding entrepreneurs.

I have been in other companies od this type but I have never seen one that has combined high tech with high touch as Smart media Technologies. The product is cutting edge, the company is solid and the support from the field is superb. We are here to help you grow your business to whatever level you chose to dream. The sky is the limit for you.


Make Smart Media Technologies YOUR choice too. You'll be glad you did.

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Mike Nelson

I have been working online for a while now and have tried to share strategies and opportunities that offer a real chance of success. Even before working online I had been involved with network marketing following my parents into the granddaddy of all networking _________!

You can fill the blank in as to which company I am talking about. I met plenty of excited folks in that program but as time went by my interest faded because the excited people were always the new folks joining and those who had been involved from early in the company’s life.

My history includes having been the co-owner (with my wife) of two brick and mortar businesses in the pharmaceutical industry.

I kept my entrepreneurial spirit alive by looking for ways to work from home part time and eventually making enough money in that manner that I could once again work at my nursing profession when and where I wanted not at the time and place that my employers said. In the pursuit of that entrepreneurial end I have found many programs that have promised many things and always made it clear that the promises couldn’t come true without effort. What I have come to realize is that I must promote only things that will have positive outcomes for those folks that I reach. My goal is to promote health physically, mentally and spiritually and in doing so helping others as well as myself gain wealth as a natural result.

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Laura Paulson

A little about me... Well, first and foremost, I am a wife, married to Bob of 20+ years, and mom to Courtney and Matthew (my gifts from God). I am also an internet marketer and entrepreneur.

In business, I am guided by the principle that you don’t put all your eggs into one basket with both your marketing and financial strategies. I enjoy helping entrepreneurs, internet and network marketers diversify their strategies to help keep their marketing pipeline full and create a sustainable business model by implementing effective marketing strategies to build their own assets.

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