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Welcome to your YOBSN Training

Please watch the following videos over the next few days and YOU will start to build a great foundation for your YOBSN Business…

Leverage Your Business

The “Power of Two” is a hypothetical example to demonstrate what happens when you combine leverage with the powerful YOBSN team sales model.

Imagine Receiving a 1Million Dollar Bonus!

In this short presentation, we will share with you a simple formula to achieve the “Double Diamond” leadership level and once you have qualified, you are paid a ONE Million Dollar Mega Cash Bonus.

  • Step-by-Step system anyone can follow
  • YOBSN revenue sharing income streams
  • TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More
  • Leverage with YOBSN = Unlimited Income Potential

This video explains a hypothetical example of how you can achieve the million dollar bonus.

Would an Extra $1000 per Month Help You?

If you invested $120,000 at a very generous 10%, your return would be $12,000 per annum. Do you have a spare $120,000 spare to invest?

Our goal is to help every YOBSN Owner who wants to make money, achieve a residual monthly income of $1,000 or more!

As your Free Member network and YOBSN Owner network continue to grow, so does your income. You start qualifying for Matching Bonuses, Star & Diamond Bonuses. These incomes offer unlimited income potential. Our Mega Cash Bonuses go from $3,000 up to $1 Million Cash Bonus.

Invitation, Presentation, Duplication

The objective is to give people enough information to decide to become a YOBSN Owner or Free Member by simply sharing the YOBSN tools and allowing them to do the work for you!

  • KISS – Keep It Super Simple
  • YOBSN tools build your business for you.
  • Easy to create duplication

Build Your Foundation


What do you want from YOBSN?

Explore your understanding and with more information your desires will evolve and expand.

  • YOBSN packages include YOBSN Sales Funnel
  • No Selling or technical knowledge required
  • No meetings required to earn unlimited income
  • Simple 1, 2, 3 system that WORKS!

YOBSN Mobile Makes You Money When Your Free Members:

  • Make in-game purchases… (available for all YOBSN mobile games)
  • Purchase digital goods from 3rd party vendors offered on your YOBSN…
  • Shop on the Exclusive YOBSN Global Shopping Experience…
  • Purchase their own package to become a YOBSN Owner…
  • Purchase YOBSN proprietary products, such as the 1 Page SuperSites, the Trick Photography Hero or the Smart Phone Hero. (And many more are coming just over the horizon.)

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