Learn More About YOBSN Revenue Sharing

In the following overview, you will learn about the POWER of the Smart Media/YOBSN  Revenue Sharing program, which is unlike any you have seen before and is designed with our members in mind.

This program will offer you multiple streams of income from ONE Amazing opportunity...

You will see under the drop down menu of the Revenue Sharing Navigation tab, the individual Revenue Sharing Programs that we have in place...

Smart Media's Business Model


Goal to help millions of people all over the world:

  • Out of economic hardship
  • Have a better quality of life
  • Even to make a fortune of their own

Smart Media - Revenue Sharing

Smart Media sells digital advertising packages just like Facebook, Google and other companies that build a global community of Internet users by giving away valuable free products and services. These companies have generated billions of dollars in revenue by selling digital advertising to companies and individuals who want to market their products and services to their huge captive audiences.

Smart Media's Your Own Branded Social Network offers valuable FREE services to our global community. For more information, please go to the Product and Demo pages on this website.

"Through creativity and our amazing technical team, we can do almost anything that we can dream. Our goal is to offer the most valuable free member system ever created." 
David Martin, CEO Smart Media

Companies like Google, Facebook, You Tube and others have proven that digital advertising is BIG business. These companies have generated billions of dollars in advertising revenue.

Smart Media sells a range of the best digital advertising and branding services available.

To find out more about our digital advertising, read the Smart Media Advertising and Branding articles in our free digital magazine above.

Here is why we are very different

We share the major percentage of the advertising and branding revenue with our members who help us generate this revenue from their personal Internet activity.

The revenue we SHARE with our members is:

  • Up to 65% of our "Digital Branding" revenue through 11 income streams
  • 75% of our "Pay Per Click Digital Advertising" revenue through 4 income streams
  • 50% of our "Virtual Goods" revenue through 2 income streams

Smart Media – Making a Difference

In a mission of greater social responsibility and enabling our global members to be a part of social change, our Free Member program offers individuals & communities all around the world fun, education, entertainment, chances to win prizes & much more.

Our financial opportunity helps those who want to earn from a few extra dollars a week to hundreds or thousands of dollars a week, or perhaps even to make a fortune of their own.

1% of all banner advertising revenue (and video advertising revenue, once we start video advertising) will be reserved for the world's top charitable organisations

Some of the benefits of purchasing one of our Your Own Branded Social Network Branding packages:

  • Receive the rights to give away an unlimited number of Free Memberships...
  • Build a database of Free Members through your Free Members’ referral of other Free Members to infinite levels...
  • Have up to 16 ways to earn income...
  • Receive the rights to brand your YOBSN system seen by all your Free Members.