YOBSN Review


So, why is this YOBSN review different than others that you may have seen?

I guess it’s because it comes from my personal experience of being a member since 2011 and seeing the ups and downs and growing pains that have helped us to grow and evolve into the AMAZING Company that we are today!

During that time, I have seen a lot of opportunities launch… some do well, and some flop.

This platform allows you to Ride the Wave of the Biggest Trends on the Internet... Online Games, Social Networking, Online Shopping, Mobile and Online Advertising.

"Discover How You Can 'Cash In' on the Worlds First, Full-Featured Revenue Sharing Social Network"

"If it is YOUR Passion, make it your Hobby... If it is the World's Passion, make it your Business." Quote from Warren Buffet, ranked among the world's richest people

This Video Holds the Secret to Building Your Own Social Empire

 There have been other Companies in the Social Network Revenue Sharing niche that have promised the World and NOT delivered.

They have taken short cuts in order to save time and money and the product just failed miserably.

So, what makes Smart Media/YOBSN different and stand out from the rest ?

2 words.... David Martin...but, more about David later...

Smart Media is a debt-free, privately held global company. It is the creator of its flagship product, the "brandable" Your Own Branded Social Network ( YOBSN ) and owner of the proprietary rights.


Only one kind of programming team could create this degree of quality and value; a programming team of twenty-one programmers and designers that work exclusively for Smart Media; a proven team that has worked exclusively for David Martin for over 15 years on some of the most important mission-critical enterprise software in the world.

This is the same programming team that was used to create the Your Own Branded Social Network system. Which has been many years in development and many millions of dollars already invested.

This long term development and investment over the years is what has separated our Company from ALL of the Pretenders in this niche and what makes this opportunity the "Real Deal" and makes this platform UNIQUE and Cutting edge...

The fact that Smart Media's custom world-class back office contains the most powerful cutting-edge features in the industry is also no surprise as it was designed by the same team.

All of the company's websites, squeeze capture pages as well as the outstanding "back office" – real time genealogy tracking, accounting, robust e-Wallet and Product Voucher system - were created "in-house" from the ground up by this exceptional team.

Smart Media is committed to being the premier leader in Internet-based Education and Computer Service Technologies, 100% guaranteed Video Delivery and innovative, value-oriented Online Marketing Systems. We are also committed to supporting small to medium businesses, entrepreneurs and anyone involved in direct sales around the world with our revolutionary branding and advertising systems.

Why Did I Join Smart Media/YOBSN?


So, the REASON I joined Smart Media/YOBSN, and the reason I am writing this YOBSN Review is because I BELIEVE in the products, the Company, the management and the Revenue Sharing & COMPENSATION plan…

But… I also saw it as an opportunity to get on board something before it went global…

This is a very UNIQUE platform and we have a very large and rapidly growing team that is already experiencing the unprecedented growth of YOBSN...

This is a world wide platform so there are no limits as to who can use this powerful platform and they will be releasing their mobile app very soon...this company has been my Primary since 2011...

This platform allows you to Ride the Wave of the Biggest Trends on the Internet... Online Games, Social Networking, Online Shopping, Mobile and Online Advertising.

I have always believed that one of the best way for a member of ANY business opportunity to grow their team and income is to be able to offer real VALUE for FREE.

I LOVE the fact that YOBSN allows members to give away an AMAZING resource for FREE...

Here's a recap of some of the benefits you'll receive with your FREE Membership:
  • Explore and Enjoy the Free Resources like the Smart Library...
  • Chances to Win Prizes - Daily, Weekly & Monthly Prize contests...
  • Online Educational Video Libraries - 2 of the finest in the world...
  • Video Games, Educational video games - fun for all the family...
  • Best Free Computer Software on the Internet all in one place...
  • and much more!

What Are The YOBSN Products?

Well… I’d call the Smart Media/YOBSN products some of the most innovative and cutting edge tools you will find anywhere and to me… the BEST part about YOBSN is the awesome resources and trainings

Here’s a breakdown of the YOBSN Products:

  1. YOBSN Mobile
  2. YOBSN Branded Games
  3. YOBSN Global Shopping Experience
  4. YOBSN Branding & Advertising
  5. YOBSN Online Education & Entertainment Center
  6. YOBSN Branded Social Network

Let me go into a little more details about the YOBSN products...

YOBSN Mobile

We are excited to announce that our creative design team is beta testing our new YOBSN Mobile product. This application will open up tremendous markets for us and when it is released, we will start with an app for all phones and tablets on the Google Android platform and the Apple IOS platform, iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad.

mobile2Everyone knows the world is going mobile as you can see when you watch any group of people. All these people are glued to their mobile phones and now you are in a position to capitalize on this trend and you can monetize it.

I am very excited to be positioned to make money every time a member gets on their phone and uses our app and you can, too!

YOBSN Mobile includes:

  •  Blog & Smart Chirp Communication System
  •  Super Branding System
  •  Education System
  •  Entertainment System
  •  Text & Video Messaging Delivery System
  •  Unique Yobsn Mobile Games

 Massive Global Marketplace!

  • 1.3 Billion Smart Phone users
  • 500 Thousand NEW Smart Phone users DAILY!
  • The Smart Phone Revolution is expected to be as big as or bigger than the Internet Revolution!

YOBSN Branded Games

Online games are huge! As a matter of fact this one aspect of YOBSN could be a business all by itself!yobsn games

If you don’t believe me ask the owner of Candy Crush how his bank account is looking right now! The last conservative estimate was that Candy Crush was making $600,000.00 per day on in-game purchases.

Now as a YOBSN owner could you imagine making just a piece of that on a daily basis?

Smart Media offers online social games just like Facebook and other BIG Internet companies...the difference being that we offer the following:

  • We offer proprietary, top-quality, family-friendly, entertainment and educational games, where the players can win Gems, Social Points, a variety of prizes and even Cash...
  • We even give away “Matching Prizes” so YOU can win great prizes, even if you do not play games, just by being the referrer of the winner!
  • We have developed and own the games as well as the social platform, which allows us to provide more convenience and flexibility for players...
  • We have created a unique Gems and Social Point platform where the players can purchase Social Points within each game for power-ups ...
  • These Social Points can also be used within the YOBSN social platform...
  • All this is unique to YOBSN and YOBSN Games.

NOTE: The Power-ups can then be used across all of our games, unlike other games companies, where the players are restricted to using their power-up purchases in the game in which they made their purchase.

Please watch the video below for more information on YOBSN Mobile & YOBSN Games Revenue:

YOBSN Global Shopping Experience

Well, we know that one of the MAJOR online trends is "Online Shopping"

So, my question to you is...

What if you had access to an online shopping portal that had over 800,000,000 products online-shoppingfor you to choose from?

Now, the BIG question...

What if you could introduce people to this portal and when they bought any of the items from your portal you got paid?

Please watch the video below for more information on the YOBSN Global Shopping Experience:

YOBSN Branding & Advertising

The BIG companies have proven that digital advertising is BIG business. The youngest billionaire in the world today is Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook...
2012 was the first year where digital advertising outsold other forms of advertising like TV, radio, billboards, etc.

SM-Ad-and-Branding-bannerSmart Media/YOBSN is a major player in the digital advertising world, providing the ultimate in branding and advertising “real-estate” at amazingly low prices!

Smart Media sells digital advertising just like Facebook, Google and other BIG Internet companies – the difference being that we offer the following...

  • Valuable products for those in Direct Sales, Business and Non-Profit organizations...
  • YOBSN Owners receive special give-away rights to an UNLIMITED number of value-packed YOBSN systems...
  • “top-of-mind” awareness Branding System...
  • Advertising System...
  • a viral List-Building/Lead Generation System ...
  • a Free Member Reward Program for individuals, businesses or organizations.

YOBSN Online Education & Entertainment Center

YOBSN FREE & Upgraded members can access valuable services just like Facebook, Google and other BIG Internet companies – the difference being that we have created a central hub to bring the best of the Internet to your fingertips.

This offers you a BETTER experience while using the Internet, whether it is for exclusive online games, social networking, communicating, entertainment, fun, education or valuable resources and you will find it all in one central location, “YOBSN”. smt-overview-003

There are MANY things that you'll definitely want to be doing with your new YOBSN system. ..

Explore and Enjoy the Free Resources like the Smart Library, Smart University, Smart Software, Top Sites, Featured Websites & Videos, Games and more!

Click on the daily, weekly and monthly prize buttons for entries into our prize give-a-ways...

(Remember: with our give-a-ways, Absolutely No Purchase is Necessary and you do NOT even pay for shipping of your prize if you win). You can click once per day and the more Prize Entries you receive the higher your chances!

YOBSN Branded Social Network

YOBSN Resources & Benefits

Your PERSONAL social network automatically includes the benefits of social networks like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and much more.

Take a look at some of these awesome features that you will ONLY find on this UNIQUE platform:

  • Social Networking YOBSN Chirp, Status, Mail, Chat, Discussion Groups, Avatar System, My Profile, My Friends & Refer-A-Friend.
  • Free Social Point Rewards & Social Point Reward Store!
  • Exclusive YOBSN Games Education, Entertainment & the ability to win real prizes like cash, holidays & more!
  • Educational Video Libraries...Education for All Ages... Thousands of educational videos through Smart Library & My University...
  • YOBSN Rewards & Prizes Free members given a constant stream of Social Point rewards! Daily, weekly & monthly Cash & Prize Draws for all members...

Not enough, want MORE ?

  • Shared Revenue: With YOUR YOBSN branding package, you receive a "Business-in-a-Box which can automatically generate up to 16 income streams...
  • Dynamic Bar Branding: Your branding travels with your members everywhere they journey on the Internet...
  • Your Name In Lights: Constant top of mind awareness as YOUR message is seen by ALL Free Members in your Network...
  • Unlimited Branded Free Memberships: The rights to give away an unlimited number of Free memberships with YOUR Brand!
  • Fantastic Videos Sponsor Tab: Imagine your videos in front of a captive audience with no distractions...
  • Viral Lead Generation System... Your Free members will want to share this AMAZING gift and Smart Media will reward them for generating MORE leads for YOU!
  • Ultimate List Building System: Your YOBSN branded Social Network generates a list of prospects for you 24/7...
  • Branded Websites: Promote an UNLIMITED number of websites on this AMAZING piece of YOBSN Real Estate !
  • Banner Ads: Proven Branding Power...these banners travel with your members wherever they browse...
  • Branded Videos: Video always tells YOUR story better and now YOU can display your videos and capture more traffic.

So, Who Is Behind YOBSN?

davidCompany CEO, & Founder, David Martin, has designed and developed banking platforms & digital banking security systems since 1998.

For the first time ever in the Direct Sales industry, there is a technology company that actually has proprietary technology needed by over 2 Billion people worldwide. Smart Media has created a game changing system… where Advertising can actually pay YOU!

The Your Own Branded Social Network system is a complete revolution for Internet Users and Marketers. It is also a revolution in the direct sales industry.

Smart Media is also engaged in philanthropy and blessing the world, its children, teenagers and adults through computer education.

Smart Media has already donated a number of Your Own Branded Social Network systems with the full Smart Library to a number of Not-for-Profit organisations and schools around the globe.

It is all about going beyond borders and making the world a better place.

If you want to see and hear David's vision for the future of the Company, just click the link below...

>>> Catch The Vision <<<

So, What's This About Multiple Income Streams From YOBSN Branding Packages ?

Who do you know who uses a Computer, Smartphone or Tablet to access the Internet?

  • YOBSN is your very own Social Network which pays you!
  • No Selling! Just give YOBSN away to anyone using the Internet and it does the rest!
  • Earn from multiple income streams with YOBSN Package Sales, Shopping, Gaming & Advertising...


    When you Purchase the Basic Package, that qualifies you at the Basic
    Ultimate Member Level with the potential to earn from 7 income streams

When you Purchase the Basic Plus Package, that qualifies you at the Basic Plus
Ultimate Member Level with the potential to earn from 8 income streams

When you Purchase the YOBSN Pro Package, that qualifies you at the Pro
Ultimate Member Level with the potential to earn from 16 income streams.

Plus with ALL 3 packages, you receive the following...

  • Rights to sell any YOBSN branding Packages and earn a Direct Sales Bonus...
  • Rights to participate in Smart Media Shared Revenue System...
  • Ability to purchase and sell approved Pay Per Click banner advertising.

Please click on the images below to enlarge and receive a better view of the various Income streams for each Branding Package and and the Product features that are included with each YOBSN Branding Package.

Now, of course you will want to investigate and learn just how all of these Revenue Sharing programs work and how you earn commissions, so you can start that part of the tour at the following link...

>>> Click To Learn More About the Revenue Sharing Program


branding packages

What Is the Cost To Become a YOBSN Owner ?

There are 3 great Branding Packages that you can choose from:

  •  YOBSN Basic Package for $125.00  
    This is a one-time Package purchase
  • YOBSN Basic Plus Package for $200.00
    This is a one-time Package purchase

  • YOBSN Professional Package for $400.00
    This is a one-time Package purchase

Your Own Branded Social Network Monthly Services

  • Ongoing access to YOBSN Branding services
  • Website hosting
  • Real-time tracking of your visitor opt-ins & Free Members
  • Pay per Click accounting on all your Free Members
  • Real-time accounting reports
  • Product Voucher system
  • Ongoing access to the Business Building System
  • Keeps you active to earn income from the Smart Media Shared Revenue Program (See Revenue Sharing pdf for full details)
  • $30 Monthly Subscription

$30 Monthly Subscription Special Exemption

Special Exemption Process: 

A special exemption from paying the $30 monthly subscription has been put in place in each of the countries or regions listed below.

All members within the "Special Exemption Countries" list will receive a special exemption for their $30 monthly subscription cost until they earn $100 or more in any given month.

Countries and regions listed are part of the $30 Monthly Subscription special exemption:
Saudi Arabia
Sri Lanka
Russian federation
South Africa
Hong Kong
Dominican Republic

So, Why Join Our YOBSN Power Team ?

Well, right now, we've got an INCREDIBLE team growing very quickly...

If you're looking for a COMMUNITY of real open, honest and skillful Marketers...who you can work closely with to SUCCEED online, then you've found us!community

The YOBSN Power Team is a highly successful, entrepreneurial team, consisting of regular every day folks who are networkers, business owners,  moms, dads, families, baby boomers and many others. We are all working together to reach our common goals; financial security & enhanced family time.

Many of our team members I have become affiliated with are an International Staff, a "think tank" which was established in 1988 and they have come together in this project in order to help ALL team members to grow and prosper.

We have a system in place...it is simple and it works and is easy to duplicate...

Building an online business within a strong team environment is a tried and true way to ensure future growth and long term rewards. Finding the right partnership is crucial to your personal success and potential earnings within the YOBSN home based business opportunity.

Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Successful Team Member?

We pride ourselves on long term success and YOBSN is designed to be a long term, sustainable business model – this will lead to the  success of our Team Members. While you are provided with the solution you need for wealth creation, it is up to you to step forward and take action.

We work with individuals who are focused, serious about their business and want to change their future. The commitment we give you is to match the commitment you are willing to put in to become successful.

Here's what I know:

#1: People don’t join businesses, they partner up with people they like and that can help them accomplish their goals.

#2: People are drawn to those that they feel has a solution to their problem.

#3: The biggest turn off for others is when they know someone is trying to use them to make a sale.

#4: The greatest compliment you can ever pay someone, is to consider their needs before pushing yours.

#5: You have to give before you get, and in your giving you must prove why you’re worthy of following.

If you understand and believe in the above 5 criteria, then YOU are the team member we are looking for and we will have a long and profitable future together.

See YOU at the top!


Do you still need more information ?

If so, PLEASE do the following:

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