YOBSN Power Team Bonus Package

If you’ve been doing your research online and looking for YOBSN Bonus Package and YOBSN Reviews, I’m sure you’ll have come across many… why?

Well, because if everyone is promoting the same programs, then we need an incentive for you to join our YOBSN Power team and STAND OUT… and that’s what this page is all about.

So, before you join just ANY YOBSN team online… be sure to ask yourself the following questions…

When you join a Smart Media/YOBSN Team, do you:

  • Get access to a YOBSN Support community?
  • Get access to essential trainings to help you grow your YOBSN business?
  • Get access to a YOBSN Team site like the one you are on now which you can OFFER your sign up’s to help you STAND out from everyone else?
  • Get promotional content already DONE-FOR-YOU which you just copy, paste and add your link… saving you huge amounts of time...
  • Get access to a FAST GROWING YOBSN Team who can work closely with YOU to achieve your GOALS?

If the answer is NO, for any of the above, then please continue reading this YOBSN Team Bonuses Package review… because what you see above is EXACTLY what you’re going to get when you join our YOBSN Power team ...and MORE !

Check Out what you will receive when you JOIN the YOBSN Power Team Below…


Why Join the YOBSN Power Team ?

  • Get access to a FAST GROWING YOBSN Power Team who can work closely with YOU to achieve your GOALS…
  • Remember, if you’re looking for a COMMUNITY of real open, honest and skillful Marketers…who you can work closely with to SUCCEED online, then you’ve found us!
  • The YOBSN Power Team is a highly successful, entrepreneurial team, consisting of regular every day folks who are networkers, business owners,  moms, dads, families, baby boomers and many others. We are all working together to reach our common goals; financial security & enhanced family time.
  • The added “BONUS” of being able to use this very same site at NO COST…( Value: PRICELESS )
  • Be a “team player” and promote this Team site, be active and take DAILY Action and be rewarded with a position in the team rotator at no cost… ( Value: PRICELESS )
  • Become an Expert Author on our team site for more EXPOSURE and brand yourself as a Leader… ( Value: PRICELESS )
  • You will be able to leverage this UNIQUE site rather than a boring replicated site. You can send visitors and prospects to ANY page with a link that will be coded to YOU, so if YOUR prospect decides to JOIN from OUR site, they JOIN YOU !
  • Your prospects will be looking to join the BEST team, so you can show them the POWER of the YOBSN Power team site as we ALL work TOGETHER to achieve our common goals. This will allow our team to stand out from others and give new team members a tremendous advantage.
  • Join our dedicated YOBSN Power Skype Support Group.
  • Join our dedicated YOBSN Power FaceBook Support Group.
  • Get Swipe copy that you can use for your YOBSN promotions on Social Media.
  • Use our PROVEN team system to qualify your prospects and easily Invite, Present and Duplicate.
  • Send your prospects to our Weekly webinars and have us close for you and convert your leads to sales.
  • OPTIONAL: if you want to go ALL IN, we have a marketing platform where you can manage your entire business and receive proven to convert, custom created YOBSN “done for you” sales funnels with capture pages, sales pages and auto responder messages. This will EXPLODE your business and take it to the next level and separate you from everyone else. This is available for members who join at ANY Level…

We also have awesome Company engagement:

  • Take part in our AMAZING Company Promotional Contests like the one that just ended in July. For every 3 Professional Products you sell ….get 1 Professional Product free.
    You can sell them and keep the entire $400 each
    You can sell them for a lesser amount or give them away to a hot prospect who you think will bring in more business.
  • Weekly Company Sponsored webinars for both the product and the opportunity at convenient time Globally for your prospects…
  • Great Company essential training…
  • Global YOBSN Information Site…
  • And much more…

If you have ANY questions about YOBSN or want to talk to someone about joining our team, then please get in contact with me using the details below.

Please Note: If you decide to JOIN our team, then you MUST join under the person who referred you to this website. (You should already have clicked through their link, so you’ll be assigned to them).

Be sure to contact me if you have any questions. I will help you and then you will JOIN the person who referred you to this site.

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